Employability Skills

Subject: Personality Development Classes

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₹- 2000

Employability in a Post-COVID-19 World

Our students come to us with a trust of building meaningful careers, by imbibing all necessary skills in order to participate in the multiple opportunities our society and economy provide. 

How can these goals be achieved in the current environment?

While much is uncertain as to what the economy and job market will look like in three to six months, let alone a year, we can identify a few likely consequences, especially for current graduates and job seekers: 

1) Greater Competition with candidates needing to portray their skill sets beyond academic capacity.

2) Internships, often a key to employment, will require new set of skills - especially digital networking skills

3) Interviewing will become virtual and will require a different way of presenting oneself than in person.

4) Demonstrable skills, including such “soft skills” as adaptability, resilience, teamwork, and the ability to communicate effectively in virtual, as well as physical, environments will gain maximum importance.

This program equips with all the necessary skill sets following a step-by-step practical approach utilising pratical pointers, exercises and tools to hone your all important Employability skills.

This course covers following topics:
1. Personal SWOT
2. Networking Skills
3. Interview Techniques
4. Team Dynamics
5. Group Discussion
6. Presentation Skills
7. Time Management
8. Developing Vocabulary
9. Body Language
10. Learning english through role play
11. Introduction to spoken English
12. Post covid success mantra.